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Proceedings Joint Conference on Declarative Programming – GULP-PRODE 1995


  Table of contents can be retrieved from DBLP LINK The proceedings in pdf, split in files of at most 7MB are the following: 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-01-p001-p057 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-02-p058-p115 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-03-p116-p169 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-04-p170-p239 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-05-p240-p301 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-06-p302-p359 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-07-p360-p427 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-08-p428-p499 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-09-p500-p565 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-10-p566-p619 1995-Gulp-Prode-VIETRI-11-p620-p654  

X.II GULP-PRODE (1995),Vietri (Italy)

X.II GULP-PRODE (1995),Vietri (Italy) Marina di Vietri, Italy, September 11-14, 1995 Program chairs: María Alpuente and Maria I. Sessa Conference Proceedings ( [OPAC]—see also DBLP): Invited Lectures: Krzysztof R. Apt: Arrays, Bounded Quantification and Iteration in Logic and Constraint…