Proceedings Joint Conference on Declarative Programming – APPIA-GULP-PRODE 2001


Accepted papers

  1. Semantics of normal logic programs with embedded
    . F. Orejas, E. Pasarella, E. Pino
  2. Proving modal and temporal properties of rewriting
    logic programs
    . I. Pita, N. Martí-Oliet
  3. Reusable Monadic Semantics of Logic Programs with
    Arithmetic Predicates
    . J. Labra Gayo, J. Lovelle, M. Díez, A.
    Cernuda del Rio.
  4. Deciding Modal Logics using Tableaux and Set Theory.
    C. Piazza, A. Policriti.
  5. Multiset constraints and P systems. A. Dovier,
    C. Piazza, G. Rossi.
  6. Component-based Programming for Attribute Grammars.
    João Saraiva, Pablo Azero.
  7. Folding by similarity. F. Galán, J. Cañete.
  8. Logic programs as abstract domains. F. Spoto.
  9. An Embedding of Calculi for negation as failure
    into Linear Logic
    . G. Delzanno, M. Martelli.
  10. Finite-tree analysis for constraint logic-based
    . R. Bagnara, R. Gori, P. Hill, E. Zaffanella.
  11. Boolean functions for finite-tree dependencies.
    R. Bagnara, E. Zaffanella, R. Gori. P. Hill.
  12. Inferring Termination Conditions for Logic Programs
    using Backwards Analysis
    . S. Genaim, M. Codish.
  13. Deterministic Semantics for Disjunctive Logic Programs.
    G. Greco, S. Greco, E. Zumpano.
  14. Quantum Constraint Programming. A. di Pierro,
    H. Wiklicky.
  15. How to transform an analyzer into a verifier.
    M. Comini, R. Gori, G. Levi.
  16. Decidability results for sets with atoms. A.
    Dovier, A. Formisano, E. Omodeo.
  17. AND/OR trees for the learning of functional logic
    . C. Ferri-Ramírez, J. Hernández-Orallo, M. Ramírez-Quintana.
  18. Combining interaction nets with externally defined
    . M. Fernández, I. Mackie, J. Pinto.
  19. (Co)Monads from Inductive and Coinductive Types.
    T. Uustalu.
  20. Combining Societal Agents’ Knowledge. J. Leite,
    J. Alferes, L. Pereira.
  21. Tipos pricipales y cierre semi-completo para sistemas
    de tipos puros extendidos
    . G. Barthe, Blas Jiménez.
  22. Proving correctness of Timed Concurrent Constraint
    . F.S. de Boer, M .Gabbrielli, M.C. Meo.


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