X.II GULP-PRODE (1995),Vietri (Italy)

X.II GULP-PRODE (1995),Vietri (Italy)

Marina di Vietri, Italy, September 11-14, 1995

Program chairs: María Alpuente and Maria I. Sessa

Conference Proceedings ( [OPAC]—see also DBLP): https://www.programmazionelogica.it/1995/09/proceedings-joint-conference-on-declarative-programming-gulp-prode-1995/

Invited Lectures:

  1. Krzysztof R. Apt: Arrays, Bounded Quantification and Iteration in Logic and Constraint Logic Programming. 19-36
  2. Patrick Cousot: Completeness in Abstract Interpretation. 37-38
  3. Robert A. Kowalski: Logical Foundations for Multi-agent Systems. 39-40
  4. Giorgio Levi, Marco Comini, Giuliana Vitiello: On the Abstract Diagnosis of Logic Programs. 41-60

Guest Talks:

  1. Dale Miller: Observations about Using Logic as a Specification Language. 61-70
  2. Luís Moniz Pereira: Parallel Logic Programming with Extensions. 71-88

Regular Papers:

  1. Enea Zaffanella: Domain Independent Ask Approximation in CCP. 89-100
  2. Frank S. de Boer, Maurizio Gabbrielli: Modeling Real-Time in Concurrent Constraint Programming. 101-112
  3. José Luis Freire, Basilio B. Fraguela, Víctor M. Gulías: Extending CAML Light to Perform Distributed Computation. 113-124
  4. Paolo Ciancarini, Daniela Fogli, Mauro Gaspari: A Logic Language Based on GAMMA-Like Multiset Rewriting. 125-138
  5. Kave Eshghi, M. Mowbray: Side Effect Analysis for Logic-Based Planning. 139-147
  6. Floriana Esposito, Nicola Fanizzi, Donato Malerba, Giovanni Semeraro: Downward Refinement of Hierarchical Datalog Theories. 148-159
  7. Danilo Montesi, Franco Turini: Integrity Constraints Evolution in Deductive Databases. 160-168
  8. Marilisa E. Carboni, V. Foddai, Fosca Giannotti, Dino Pedreschi: Declarative Reconstruction of Updates in Logic Databases: a Compilative Approach. 169-182
  9. Alberto Momigliano, Mario Ornaghi: An Introduction to Regular Search Spaces. 183-194
  10. J. Humet: A Framework for a Transformational Approach to Negation. 195-206
  11. Francesco Buccafurri: Ordered Logic and its Relationships to other Logic Programming Formalisms. 207-218
  12. Alberto Bottoni: Analysis of SLDNF for Local CLP. 219-230
  13. Francesca Toni: A Semantics for the Kakas-Mancarella Procedure for Abductive Logic Programming. 231-244
  14. Francesca Arcelli Fontana, Ferrante Formato: Implementing Higher-Order Term-Rewriting for Program Transformation in lambdaProlog. 245-256
  15. Walter Dosch: The Undefined Function Differs from the Pointwise Undefined Function. 257-270
  16. Paolo Mancarella, Alessandra Raffaetà, Franco Turini: LOO: An Object Oriented Logic Programming Language. 271-282
  17. Giorgio Delzanno, Maurizio Martelli: Forum Objects. 283-294
  18. Piero A. Bonatti, Laura Giordano: Three-Valued Semantics for Extended Logic Programs. 295-306
  19. Jørgen Fischer Nilsson, Andreas Hamfelt: Constructing Logic Programs with Higher-Order Predicates. 307-312
  20. Iliano Cervesato: Petri Nets and Linear Logic: a Case Study for Logic Programming. 313-320
  21. A. Moreno, J. M. Goni: GRAMPAL: A Morphological Processor for Spanish Implemented in Prolog. 321-331
  22. Domenico Aquilino, D. Apuzzo, Patrizia Asirelli: A Declarative Approach to the Design and Realization of Graphic Interfaces. 332-346
  23. Anna Ciampolini, Evelina Lamma, Paola Mello: Improving the Efficiency of Dynamic Modular Logic Languages. 347-358
  24. Eva Ullán: Lazy Narrowing on an Abstract Machine by Means of Examples. 359-370
  25. Werner Hans, Stephan Winkler, Fernando Sáenz: Exploiting Expression- and Or-Parallelism for a Functional Logic Language. 371-382
  26. Pedro Palao, Manuel Núñez: An Effective Algorithm for Compiling Pattern Matching Keeping Laziness. 383-394
  27. Alberto Artosi, Paola Cattabriga, Guido Governatori: A Prolog Implementation of Kem. 395-400
  28. Patrick Bellot, Olivier Camp, Christophe Matiachoff: Explicit Implementation of a Constraint Solving Mechanism in a Relational Programming System. 401-408
  29. Paola Bruscoli, Alessio Guglielmi: A Linear Logic Programming Language with Parallel and Sequential Conjunction. 409-420
  30. Giuseppe Manco, Franco Turini: A Structural (Meta-Logical) Semantics for Linear Objects. 421-434
  31. Salvador Lucas: Computational Properties in Context-Sensitive Rewriting. 435-446
  32. Puri Arenas-Sánchez, Agostino Dovier: Minimal Set Unification. 447-458
  33. Cristian Papp: A Model Tree Computation of the Strong Well-Founded Semantics. 459-470
  34. José E. Gallardo, P. Guerrero, Blas C. Ruiz: Monadas para la Comunicacion de Objetos Funcionales. 471-476
  35. Carlos Gregorio-Rodríguez, M. Nunez Garcia, Pedro Palao-Gostanza: La Potencia Expresiva de los Catamorfismos. 477-484
  36. Cristóbal Pareja, Ricardo Pena, J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide: A Tabulation Transformation Tactic Using Haskell Arrays. 485-496
  37. Francisco José Galán Morillo, M. Toro Bonilla: Sintesis de Programas Logicos: Marco Constructivo. 497-510
  38. Pierpaolo Degano, Corrado Priami: A Transitional Semantics of Full Prolog. 511-520
  39. Giorgio Levi, Daniele Micciancio: Analysis of Pure PROLOG Programs. 521-532
  40. Marco Comini, Giorgio Levi, Maria Chiara Meo: Compositionality in SLD-derivations and their Abstractions. 533-544
  41. Francesco Scarcello, Nicola Leone, Luigi Palopoli: Curbing Theories: Fixpoint Semantics and Complexity Issues. 545-556
  42. Livio Colussi, Elena Marchiori, Massimo Marchiori: A Dataflow Semantics for Constraint Logic Programs. 557-568
  43. Ruiz-Andino Illera, J. J. Ruz Ortiz: Labeling in CLP(FD) with Evolutionary Programming. 569-580
  44. Roberto Bagnara: Constraint Systems for Pattern Analysis of Constraint Logic-Based Languages. 581-592
  45. Juan José Moreno-Navarro, Julio García-Martín, A. del Pozo-Pietro: Tuple Inheritance: A New Kind of Inheritance for (Constraint) Logic Programming. 593-606
  46. Marco Comini, Giorgio Levi, Giuliana Vitiello: Declarative Diagnosis Revisited. 607-618
  47. Roberto Giacobazzi: Optimal Collecting Semantics for Analysis in a Hierarchy of Logic Program Semantics. 619-630
  48. Giorgio Levi, Francesca Scozzari: Contributions to a Theory of Existential Termination for Definite Logic Programs. 631-642
  49. Dino Pedreschi, Salvatore Ruggieri: A Case Study in Logic Program Verification: the Vanilla Metainterpreter. 643-654