Proceedings Joint Conference on Declarative Programming – APPIA-GULP-PRODE 2002



  • Introduction and Index agp02_intro
  • A Functional Logic Language with Finite Domain Constraints.
    Antonio J. Fernández, Teresa Hortalá-González and Fernando Sáenz-Pérez  agp02_07
  • Combining Crisp and Fuzzy Logic in a Prolog Compiler.
    Susana Muñoz, Claudio Vaucheret and Sergio Guadarrama   agp02_23
  • Constructive negation for Prolog: A real implementation.
    Susana Muñoz-Hernández and Juan José Moreno-Navarro. agp02_39
  • Modelling the Future with Event Choice DATALOG
    Antonella Guzzo and Domenico Saccá   agp02_53
  • A Logic Language for Database Integration
    Gianluigi Greco, Sergio Greco and Ester Zumpano  agp02_71 
  • An Environment for Stepwise Map Specification and Reasoning in Prolog I: Three Language Extension Mechanisms
    Pasquale Caianiello, Stefania Constantini and Eugenio Omodeo agp02_87
  • Logic Based Languages to Model and Program Intelligent Agents
    Maurizio Martelli, Viviana Mascardi and Leon Sterling agp02_105
  • A Configuration Framework for Distributed Logic Applications
    Jesus Correas Fernández and Francisco Bueno Carrillo agp02_123
  • Optimal Placement of Acoustic Sources in a Built-up Area using CLP(FD)
    F. Avanzini, A. Dal Palú, A. Dovier and D. Rocchesso agp02_139
  • Using Constraint Logic Programming to Generate Drills in Mathematics
    Ana Paula Tomás, José Paulo Leal and Pedro Vasconcelos agp02_155
  • Solving Optimal Location of Traffic Count Posts in CLP(FD)
    Ana Paula Tomás  agp02_173
  • Optimality in Goal-Dependent Analysis of Sharing
    Gianluca Amato and Francesca Scozzari agp02_189
  • A Deterministic Operational Semantics For Functional Logic Programs
    Elvira Albert, Michael Hanus, Frank Huch, Javier Oliver and Germán Vidal agp02_207
  • Compiling Explicit Specifications into Recursive Specifications in Linear Stratified Contexts
    Francisco José Galán and José Miguel Cañete agp02_223
  • Specialization with Clause Splitting for Deriving Deterministic Constraint Logic Programs
    F. Fioravanti, A. Pettorossi and M. Proietti agp02_241
  • On the Relation between Rank 2 Intersection Types and Simple Types
    Sandra Alves and Mario Florido agp02_259
  • Automation of Aggregate Theories: The Cornerstones of Equational Expressibility
    Andrea Formisano, Eugenio G. Omodeo and Alberto Policriti agp02_275
  • On Pattern-Matching as Query Facility
    Manuel Vilares Ferro, Francisco José Ribadas Pena and Jorge Graña Gil  agp02_293
  • Towards Temporal Reasoning in ISCO
    Vitor Nogueira, Salvador Abreu and Gabriel David agp02_311
  • A Language for Updates with Multiple Dimensions
    Joao Alexandre Leite, José Julio Alferes, Luis Moniz Pereira, Halina Przymusinska and Teodor C. Przymusinski agp02_325