XXIII. V CILC (2008), Perugia (Italy)

Perugia (Italy) July 10-12, 2008

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Program chairs: Andrea Formisano

CILC 2008 Proceedings: available for download (PDF)

Special Issue containing selected, revised papers published as Volume 96 Number 3/2009 of Fundamenta Informaticae. Guest Editors Andrea Formisano and Alberto Pettorossi. OFFICIAL LINK


Relatori Invitati

Wolfgang Faber,  Università della Calabria, Italia.
Aggregates in Answer Set Programming

The addition of aggregates has been one of the most relevant
enhancements of the language of answer set programming (ASP),
strengthening the modelling power of ASP in terms of natural and concise
problem representations. While in traditional database systems these
constructs have a long tradition and are nowadays taken for granted,
they are a comparatively recent addition to ASP. One of the reasons is
that because of the possibility of recursive definitions, the intended
semantics is not always straightforward to understand, let alone to
define. Previous semantic definitions typically agree in the case of
nonrecursive aggregates, but subtly vary for aggregates involved in
recursion. In this talk, we provide an overview of this field and
discuss various semantic and computational properties.

Carla Piazza,  Università di Udine, Italia.
Systems Biology: Models and Logics (PDF)

The field of system biology focuses on creating a finely detailed
picture of biological mechanisms. Recently, the need has arisen for more
and more sophisticated and mathematically well founded computational
tools capable of analyzing the models that are and will be at the core
of system biology. Such computational models should be implemented in
software packages faithfully while exploiting the potential trade-offs
among usability, accuracy, and scalability dealing with large amounts of
data. The aim of this talk is that of introducing some emerging problems
and proposed solutions in this context.

Enrico Pontelli,  New Mexico State University, USA.
Parallel Execution of Logic Programs: Back to the Future

Since its inception, logic programming has offered the
promise of transparent and automated exploitation of
parallelism. This promise is now matched by the reality
of ubiquitous availability of parallel hardware, ranging
from large scale Beowulf clusters to extremly fine-grained
multi-threaded engines (as found in modern graphic cards).
In this presentation, we will review the main results
produced by 20+ years of research in the field of parallel
execution of logic programs. We will highlight the state
of the art, the lessons learned, and the mistakes made. We
will conclude with the identification of focus areas of
research and current new directions being explored.


Giovedì 10 luglio
  8:45–9:00  Apertura dei lavori
Relazione invitata.
9:00–10:00  Enrico Pontelli
Parallel Execution of Logic Programs: Back to the Future
Sessione 1.
Chairman: Paolo Torroni
10:00–10:30  Alessandro Dal Palù, Agostino Dovier, Enrico Pontelli e Gianfranco Rossi
GASP: Answer Set Programming with Lazy Grounding
10:30–11:00  Mauro Ferrari, Camillo Fiorentini e Guido Fiorino
A Refined Calculus for Intuitionistic Propositional Logic
11:00–11:30  Pausa caffè
Sessione 2.
Chairman: Alberto Pettorossi
11:30–12:00  Eugenio Omodeo e Alberto Policriti
The Decidability of the Bernays-Schoenfinkel-Ramsey Class for Set Theory
12:00–12:30  Domenico Cantone, Andrea Formisano, Marianna Nicolosi Asmundo e Eugenio Omodeo
A Graphical Representation of Relational Formulae with Complementation
12:30–13:00  Alessandro Ferrante, Margherita Napoli e Mimmo Parente
Graded CTL Model Checking
13:00–15:00  Pausa pranzo
Sessione 3.
Chairman: Fabrizio Riguzzi
15:00–15:30  Nicola Di Mauro, Teresa Basile, Grazia Bombini, Stefano Ferilli e Floriana Esposito
Eliciting Multi-Dimensional Relational Patterns
15:30–16:00  Stefania Costantini e Alessio Paolucci
Semantically Augmented DCG Analysis for Next-generation Search Engines
16:00–16:30  Enrico Oliva, Luca Gardelli, Mirko Viroli e Andrea Omicini
Experimenting with Stochastic Prolog as a Simulation Language
16:30–17:00  Pausa caffè
Sessione 4.
Chairman: Francesco Calimeri
17:00–17:30  Dario Campagna e Carla Piazza
Hybrid Automata in System Biology: How far can we go?
17:30–17:45  Filippo Del Tedesco e Carla Piazza
External Point of View in Process Algebra for System Biology
17:45–18:00  Gian Luca Pozzato
Proof Methods for Conditional and Preferential Logics of Nonmonotonic Reasoning
18:00–18:15  Stefania Costantini, Arianna Tocchio e Mario Scotti Del Greco
Social Bugs Communities and Intelligent Agents: an Experimental Architecture
18:15–…  Riunione Consiglio Direttivo GULP
Venerdì 11 luglio
Relazione invitata.
9:00–10:00  Wolfgang Faber
Aggregates in Answer Set Programming
Sessione 5.
Chairman: Giovambattista Ianni
10:00–10:30  Marco Montali, Paola Mello, Federico Chesani, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Sergio Storari e Maurizio Sebastianis
Compliance Checking of Execution Traces to Business Rules: an Approach Based on Logic Programming
10:30–11:00  Stefano Bistarelli e Francesco Santini
A Nonmonotonic Soft Concurrent Constraint Language for SLA Negotiation
11:00–11:30  Pausa caffè
Sessione 6.
Chairman: Mario Ornaghi
11:30–12:00  Agostino Dovier, Raffaele Cipriano e Jacopo Mauro
Compiling and Executing Declarative Modeling Languages in Gecode
12:00–12:30  Federico Bergenti, Alessandro Dal Palù e Gianfranco Rossi
Generalizing Finite Domain Constraint Solving
12:30–13:00  Valerio Senni, Alberto Pettorossi e Maurizio Proietti
Folding Transformation Rules for Constraint Logic Programs
13:00–15:00  Pausa pranzo
Sessione 7.
Chairman: Alessandro Provetti
15:00–15:30  Gisella Bennardo, Giovanni Grasso, Salvatore Maria Ielpa, Nicola Leone e Francesco Ricca
Lifting Databases to Ontologies
15:30–16:00  Mario Alviano, Wolfgang Faber e Nicola Leone
Compiling Minimum and Maximum Aggregates into Standard ASP
16:00–16:30  Annamaria Bria, Wolfgang Faber e Nicola Leone
Normal Form Nested Programs
16:30–17:00  Pausa caffè
Sessione 8.
Chairman: Gianfranco Rossi
17:00–17:15  Francesco Calimeri, Simona Perri e Francesco Ricca
Increasing Parallelism while Instantiating ASP Programs
17:15–17:30  Giovanni Pirrotta e Alessandro Provetti
A Java Wrapper for Answer Set Programming Inferential Engines
17:30–17:45  Mario Ornaghi, Camillo Fiorentini e Alberto Momigliano
Towards Introducing Types in DLV*
18:00–…  Assemblea Soci GULP
21:00–…  Cena Sociale
Sabato 12 luglio
9:00–10:00  Carla Piazza
Systems Biology: Models and Logics
Sessione 9.
Chairman: Alessandro Dal Palù
10:00–10:30  Laura Giordano, Valentina Gliozzi, Nicola Olivetti e Gian Luca Pozzato
ALC+T: Reasoning About Typicality in Description Logics
10:30–11:00  Loris Bozzato, Mauro Ferrari e Paola Villa
Actions Over a Constructive Semantics for Description Logics
11:00–11:30  Pausa caffè
Sessione 10.
Chairman: Marco Gavanelli
11:30–12:00  Domenico Cantone, Pietro Ursino e Rosario Terranova
Experimental comparison of two tableau-based decision procedures for MLSS
12:00–12:30  Stefano Bistarelli, Fabio Fioravanti, Pamela Peretti e Irina Trubitsyna
Modeling and Selecting Countermeasures using CP-nets and Answer Set Programming
12:30–13:00  Stefania Costantini e Andrea Formisano
Modeling Preferences on Resource Consumption and Production in ASP